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HT System Administrator

System Administrator is a program blocker and internet filter designed for employers, schools and universities
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9 April 2010

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Major business organizations have a specific system and network administrator that manages the overall computer network of the company keeping a check on downloads and web surfing activities of the workforce using the internet and computer system facility. The duties of such an administrator varies in different organizations and might range from scripting, programming, or even project management and maintaining company’s internal servers, if any. Further, even in schools and educational institutions, the administrators play an important role in managing the networks and training facilities. Hence, it becomes important to keep unsolicited and harmful content at bay to maintain employee performance and student interest. HT System Administrator is an effectual network management tool for all that restricts access to any detrimental content on the web.

HT System Administrator 7.2 opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top panel for reporting and configuring and encompasses tools for blocking websites and applications and restricts computer activity. The program is highly useful for employers and colleges that helps in enhancing worker productivity and keeps them away from non work related activities and maintains discipline. It blocks unwanted PC applications like chatting and gaming programs and also prevents computer damage by unskilled users. It assists in blocking different programs, instant messengers, malicious web pages, chatting browsers besides effectively filtering content like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. Furthermore, it also keeps statistics and provides a detailed report about the usage and also limits any random software installation that may potentially contain any Trojans or Viruses.

To sum up, HT System Administrator definitely proves to be an enhanced tool for systemizing the internet access and contributes in business efficiency too and hence gets a rating score of four points for its superior working.

Publisher's description

System Administrator is a managing computer tool recommended to employers, schools and universities. System Administrator helps employers prevent wasting work time and improve their employees' productivity and discipline by banning access to non-work related activities. It blocks unwanted PC activities and prevents computer system damage by unskilled users. System Administrator can block programs, instant messengers, games, chats, websites, browsers etc. The program contains a powerful internet filter which can block inappropriate content such as Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others.
The product keeps statistics and shows you a detail report about what exactly System Administrator blocked and when. System Administrator protects the computer against inexperienced users and allows you to restrict a new software installation that can contain viruses, trojans or spyware. It is highly protected and can't be stopped or uninstalled even by computer-savvy users. The filter cannot be manipulated even by proxy servers or anonymizers.
System Administrator is an easy to use program that helps improve productivity and discipline.
HT System Administrator
HT System Administrator
Version 7.2
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